Abelardo Aqui

Hi, I'm Abel!

A software developer and front-end leader based in Mexico.


About me

My fullname is Abelardo Aqui, I've been working as a developer since january 2020.

At my first job, y learnded an awasome javascript framework... Angular, a challenge for anyone who didn't know typescript, but a great framework, with all it's pros and cons, it is now my favorite front-end framework to work with, specially for internal systems.

Once I managed to get experience enough with angular, an opportunity came up, the chance to work with ReactJs, the change was not easy, but the experience was priceless, once I could handle Hooks and Redux, everything was smooth, and took it's place as my third favorite framework.

The last but not least, NextJs, my second favorite framework, It came up, to fix some difficulties of the past two... SEO, the capavility to be finded easily on web browsers, such as Google, and some other things, with Server Side Rendering, a complete different way to work. Perfect for static sites, just like this portfolio, or even better, marketplaces...

With this kind of experience, and technical knowledge, confidence, a new opportunity was right in front, leadership, my largest team was made by three front developers, developping a NextJs app, a textile marketplace, wich is about to be publicated...